• Do mentees have to be struggling academically or from a low-income family?
  • Not at all! PROPEL is strengths-based, which means instead of starting with a “problem,” mentors and mentees start with a goal that they work toward throughout their partnership. The goal may be something concrete like a degree or internship in a particular field, or it may be a skill like networking or leadership. If you’ve got an idea, your mentor can help refine it and chart a course, identifying other natural mentors to connect with along the way. So when you reach your initial goal, you can set off after the next one with a personalized team (or “personal board of directors”) supporting you.

  • I’m not from a Middle Eastern or South Asian background. Can I be a PROPEL mentor or mentee?
  • Absolutely! We welcome participants from all backgrounds.

  • What is PROPEL?
  • PROPEL (Providing Real Opportunities by Partnering with Experienced Leaders) is a mentoring program for young adults (ages 18-29) in the greater Toledo community, with a special focus on Middle Eastern and South Asian youth. The goal of PROPEL is to prepare young adults for their future careers and help them overcome obstacles they may face along the way by connecting them with trained, committed mentors who are successful role models in the community.

  • What does PROPEL do?
  • PROPEL connects young people to committed mentors who can help them prepare for, achieve, and sustain successful careers. We do this by training qualified mentors, identifying young people in need, and pairing each youth with a one-on-one mentor who has the unique experiences and strengths to suit that individual’s needs.

  • Who can participate as a mentor or mentee?
  • Mentees are young adults, ages 18-29, who are ready to take steps toward realizing their career goals, but need guidance and support to help them advance.
    Mentors are at least 25 years old, in a stable career, and able to pass a criminal background check. Both mentors and mentees attend training and commit to meeting in person at least once a month for a year, with phone or email contact between meetings.
    While PROPEL is geared specifically toward those of Middle Eastern or South Asian heritage, mentors and mentees of any cultural background are welcome to apply. Apply online through the “Find a Mentor” or “Be a Mentor” pages.

  • How are PROPEL mentors vetted?
  • PROPEL mentors are established leaders in the Toledo community. Potential mentors are interviewed, undergo a background check and receive training before they are matched with potential mentees.

  • What is the value of mentoring?
  • Young adults trying to land their first few jobs out of school or plan their future career path often have the greatest need for career guidance, but most mentoring programs serve children and younger teenagers. PROPEL was formed to fill this gap by matching young people with mentors who can offer the benefit of their experience, skills, and professional network. A mentor can make all the difference in helping a young person develop a successful career and a productive life.