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Mentor a Young Person, Change a Life

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At PROPEL, we connect young adults–especially those from Middle Eastern or South Asian backgrounds– with professional mentors across the Toledo area to provide guidance, support, and networking. Now, more than ever, our youth need the support of their community to help them navigate professional, economic, and cultural realities. As a successful professional in your field, you have the opportunity to guide and support a young person as they explore their post-high school opportunities, and set the course for their future.

Why Mentorship?

  • Mentoring results in higher grades, a more positive attitude toward education, and lowers the risk of depression for mentees, according to a Public/Private Ventures project in Washington State.
  • Mentoring has a cyclical effect. Young adults in mentoring programs are 78% more likely than their peers to volunteer regularly, and 9 out of 10 mentees report wanting to be a mentor themselves in the future, according to the National Mentoring Partnership.
  • Mentoring helps minority youth breach the opportunity gap. Middle Eastern and South Asian young people often do not have the same degree of networks and relationships in their field of interest, and may also face discrimination or bias. Mentors who have “been there, done that” can help young adults overcome these challenges.

Why should I be a mentor?

  • You have the opportunity to support and foster the next generation of leaders
  • You can enhance your coaching, leadership, management, and recruiting skills
  • You’ll be surprised at how much you learn yourself!

Who can be a mentor?

    Anyone who’s at least 25 years old in a stable career, able to pass a criminal background check, and willing to set aside the time to meet regularly with their young adult mentee. Active listening skills, good judgment, and a supportive attitude are the main skills we’re looking for.

What will be required of me?

  • Commit to the mentor/mentee relationship for a minimum of a year
  • Meet with your mentee in person at least once a month
  • Call/text/email your mentee at least twice a month
  • Participate in two group mentor/mentee activities during the year

What if I don’t know how to mentor someone?

    We can help you learn. You’ll attend a training session before you’re matched with a mentee, and PROPEL will reach out regularly with more tips and resources.

How do I apply?

    Fill out the online application form whenever you like—applications are accepted on a rolling basis. A staff member will contact you soon after you submit the form to schedule a brief interview. After we conduct criminal background and reference checks, we’ll notify you of our decision.

Click here to be a mentor!